London Fashion Week Fashion Scout - Meeting Joao Melo Costa

What's better than seeing a catwalk show... Meeting the designer of course, I had seen Joao Melo Costa collection the day before as I scrolled down my Instagram time line while grabbing a drink. Some people had posted videos, and if you think this collection looks amazing on the hangers seeing it in movement brings it to a new level of beauty.

As soon as I saw these jackets they reminded me of a little of across between fireworks and pinatas, well both of these ideas where miles apart from Joao inspiration for his S/S15 collection. Chatting with the Portuguese designer he talented me through his creation process, " it's based on plantation, first you have the earth and the leaves and than you need to scare away the birds to let the plants growing and than things bloom." He holds up a black jacket which has thee most stunning detail and is panelled giving it perfect structure. " I used organza and than the birds are cut leather" I love how humble Joao was about his incredible collection. The texture mix is insane but not messy, looking close up at the pieces you can see tat the coats have an ombre like effect down the selves to the blossom style. It's playful but still grown up, and captures what spring and summer are about the time for regrowth. Plantation and it's cycle has never looked so glam.

Looking at his past collections I think he is one to watch, and I'm thankful to have met and chatted with him about his work. 

That's So Yesterday & TK Maxx for LFW

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  1. That is superb dear; I will wait for this day to come. Anyways, my friend is an organizer who is getting ready for similar NYC events. Do you any tips for him as well? He is quite tensed these days and I so want to help him.


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