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D.I.Y DAY| Girls Support Girls Bag

After jazzing up some bags, for London fashion Week ages ago. I still love a good slogan  be it on a t-shirt, bag, or sticker they are fun. These bags are so easy to make even if you suck at crafts. They can new life to an old bag, and give that extra bit of sassiest to your outfit. In light of what's been going on, I wanted a Girls Support Girls bag. But honestly it's up to you, above are a couple of other suggests. I think Inclusive AF, is going to be my next choice as it's all about love for everyone am I right, or am I right. 

Raising Boys What I've Learnt So Far

I don't tend to talk about my kids much, well at least not online in life try and stop me. My blog has always been an outlet for a little break, but at the same time I do have kids and they impact my life in ways I never imagined. My boys are seven and five now, and it's incredible how quickly they have grown and how much they have changed. Saying that some things have stayed the same, and I know all too quickly that with each year they become more independent and it breaks my heart a little. 

Try telling my boy that only girl like pink, and be faced with having a 2 hour talk about unicorny and why she's the bestest. 

When I first found out I was pregnant I was shitting myself, not literally (but that can happen during labour by the way, I know fun times right) but the thought of being totally responsible for a life is a tad overwhelming. At the same time I was so grateful, and excited by the idea of helping shape a life. EVERYONE, and I mean everyone told me I was having a girl. Swinging crystals over my bump, telling me the way my bump sat. I honestly didn't care, a healthy baby was always my concern. Not going to lie, when I fall pregnant again having a girl would have been lovely. I can still recall looking at the scan and thinking 'shit I'm completely outnumbered'. Than this got pushed aside by the panic of will I love this baby just as much as my first. Which seems laughable now, as I love my kids the same they are both awesome and so different from each other. 

What Does Wellness Mean In 2017 | The Start Of My Journey

After a very long day of school runs, picking up smelly socks and just running around like a loon spending time with my boys and my other half. I decided that I was going to settle the boys into bed, then make a tea and find something to watch on You Tube - A nice break from bingeing another box set to switch my brain off.  Off from liking everything on Instagram, worrying about bills, planing trips out for half term and the world in general. Feeling tried from another week of lack of sleep, and feeling 'meh' I wasn't in the mood to watch any DIY or fashion videos. I wanted something I could take from, something I could do to improve my lack of energy and generally to just feel less shit. 

The Way We Wear 101| Polo necks

I've been thinking a lot about new things I want on the blog, and how they could be both bright, colourful, possibly inspiring but mostly useful. I picked up a fashion magazine the other day and put it straight back down, the styling was beautiful and the cover grabbed me but what was inside wasn't fun or even useful. I loved a good old fashioned ' ways to style' it doesn't mean I'll follow it to the letter, but it's inspiring to see how I could work pieces I around have without spending a fortune on a whole new look. I've mainly been on Instagram as it's the only place apart from Pinterest were I feel I'm getting something fresh. I want this series to be more, about what you have and getting the most wear out of it. So I thought I would start with a classic, that I've been wearing all winter. While polo necks are not for everyone, I think given a chance they can be one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe. 

Everyone's A DJ

Do you really need to be good at what you do to be successful at it? It's not that everyone is a DJ by the way, in the days of social media people have more slashes than a 90s model slash actor slash artist slash you get the drift. So can you really claim, to be something you have no actual understanding of and make it. As much as I do believe in a little 'fake it till you make it', at the same time there really are things you just can't fake. 

How I Wear: A Sequin Dress (when it's freezing)

Happy New Year and all that jazz, this was my NYE outfit during the day but as me and my family and friends were ill we ended up having a pyjama party instead of slamming up. But with my birthday this Thursday coming, I know for a fact I'll be back in sequins flu or not. The only down side to wanting to wear pretty dresses in London at the moment, is freezing your bum off. I'm 33 and long gone are the days were I would happily say 'I'm fine' a billion times while rubbing my hands together and trying to generate any kind of heat for the sake of 'looking good'. Looking like a little shaking dog that needs a poo is not the one.

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