Monday, 2 March 2015

Ladylike Perfection - Lulu Liu AW15 Show

Firstly I didn't wear my glasses, which was a massive no no when your going to a show to take photos . Anyway apart from capturing the blurriest photos, more suited to the last days of fashion week on Instagram I did manage by some small miracle to take these. Lulu Liu is not a designer I had heard of before. Clearly I've been under a rock,  as she's been designing since 2011 and worked for Giles. Now she is powering her focus into her own label. 

I really didn't know what to except, but in a way this makes it all the more exciting just before the show starts as your clueless. As the lights lit up, and the first model strut out in a white layered jumper I knew that this was a designer who liked clean ascetics. As more girls graced the catwalk, more textures and details were introduced feathers, fringing, ruffles in subtle washes of mint, blue and grey. Than red came flooding out a belted jacket and skirt than cape worn over a dress, shiny, sharp and foxy. 

Her designs are powerfully structured, but not so much that the delicate natural of the details is lost. The collection reminded me of Selina Kyle in Batman Returns, by day she's a sectary she has a great tailored style and wants to take more control. Than by night she's catwomen and that sassy red jacket and skirt, oozed that sexy confident women who gets what she wants. Odd I know but I liked it, the pieces moved beautifully and the whole collection had edge but without being gritty. She sources the best materials and that reflects in her collection, her coats and jackets are her strongest point and I'm looking forward to seeing her next collection. Lulu Liu current SS15 collection is just as beautiful, if your looking for a designer investment piece than it's worth a having a look. 

Friday, 27 February 2015

Strawberry Flares

Outfit photos taken by- Leigh at Fox and Feather 
Orange Coat and Red Top: Thrifted/ Bag: Paperchase
Faux Fur Collar: Select Fashion/ Strawberry Flares: Beyond Retro
Jelly Shoes: Juju*

The great thing about living in London, is that you can always find a perfect backdrop to your outfit. Usually I'm forced to go where every I can to get outfit photos, which are outside where I live take by my mum- Yes totally professional fun times. The other evening was different, I was over Bricklane to meet Leigh from Fox and Feather as we had to stop by Beyond Retro. It was later so although the light wasn't perfect, there wasn't much choice.  We went to 101, were I hang out in my student days for burgers and chips and live music. Than we got chatting about vinyl, as Leigh collects as well so popped into Rough Trade to see who the record signing was for that night. Sadly it was not someone we were familiar with, but we chatted about our dream record to add to our collections and the best thirfed vinyl we had ever purchased.  

I got these flares at Beyond Retro last week, one of the stylist pulled them for me when we were sorting out outfits for London fashion week. I decided that they had to became apart of my wardrobe, as I'm trying to buy more vintage again. I was so happy as they are a perfect fit, which is super rare as usually things I like are usually too small for me. I know I'm going to wear them to death as they are comfortable but still well tailored.  They are actual handmade, and the fabric hangs well unlike a lot of high street flared trousers. More importantly they are unique and it's unlikely that anyone else will have a pair of these. That's the plus with vintage, that your buying into a past life were things were not mass produced and made to last. 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

London Fashion Week - Day 4 What I Wore

Photos Taken By- Laura at A Forte For Fashion
Shirt: ASOS/ Skirt & Headscarf: Vintage (similar here)
Coat & Bag: Primark/ Faux Fur Scarf: Select fashion
Shoes: New Look/ bracelet: Only Child*

This was not the outfit I had planned on wearing. I did have something else all ready to go,  but one of my little darlings decided to be helpful bless him and handed me my top with yoghurt hands. I couldn't be mad, not with 'mummy your top for London fashion week'. So I had to think on my feet and throw something together, as I had the school run and than head to Somerset House. Thankfully most of my wardrobe was tidy, so I could grab bits and bobs without having a human size pile of clothing and crying on the floor that I had nothing to wear. It ended up working out I think, I felt comfortable and  than my main focus became doing the school run and going to enjoy my last day of fashion shows. It was really windy on the cobbles, and it was really quite so I only managed to get a couple of street style photos of other people. 

I seem to be drawn to the midi at the moment, and teamed this vintage skirt with a shirt to try and keep it looking a little grown up. These New Look leopard heels are just everything, they give me a little height without leaving me crying in pain. Of course I'm a child at heart, so this Primark pop clutch was great for adding that bit of 'I'm not actual a real grown up, I just pretend to be' look. This coat has been glued to me all winter, and here's my tip from spying what was hot at London Fashion Week (coat wise) ditch the yellow as Orange is going to be the next 'it' colour. So now I'm on the hunt for one slimier to this style in a brunt orange tone. You can thank me later ha ha. 

I went to see Lulu Liu show which was amazing, I'll be posting all about it. Sadly I could not make the other two I had as I had to go back to collect my son from school. Overall I've had a pretty chilled out fashion week, I'm sad I missed a heap of stuff due to my last minute planning. There's always next season, and trust me it will come all too quickly.  

Monday, 23 February 2015

London Fashion Week- Day 2 What I Wore

- Photos taken by Lois at Bunnipunch 
Vintage Floral Dress: Beyond Retro Floppy Hat: F&F Clothing*/ Biker jacket & Necklace: (Old) Primark 
Star dress:  From a swap shop/ Faux Fur collar: River Island/ Hair Extensions: Hothair* 
Flares: New look/ Glitter sandals & Faux Fur bag: New Look* via ASOS

So you may have noticed that I've gone back to the dark side, my hair was in need of a break from bleaching so I've ditched the colour for a while. Saying that I can still inject a little with my Hothair extensions, they feel and look amazing so I get my fix of colour without destroying my hair any further. So yes I missed Day 3 as I woke up with a massive migraine, but I've decided to get my two days I'm attending today. 

I was so excited about my outfits this season, my theme if you can really call it that is 'glam rock'. I had help from the lovely peeps at Beyond Retro, who pulled this amazing 70s dress for me. I just knew that I could down play it, with some flares and a biker jacket. The print reminds me, of something Biba or Thea Porter would have produced. I just love the movement of it, I think when your at fashion week it's important to wear something that can be captured on the go. I love seeing street style photographers, who capture the unposed people around the week. Their clothing always moves well, and make you rethink about a garment you may have just seen on a hanger. 

I grabbed out my big floppy hat and my hot pink collar, as I thought they finished it off nicely and would provide me with much needed warmth. If you read my post from the other day, you will know that the toughest thing this season has been dealing with the cold. I know that stars have been a massive theme, so grabbed out this dress I got from a swap shop and layered it underneath. I wore my glitter New Look sandals, and my fave faux fur clutch and just a dash of glitter on my eyes. I had a really great day, and was pleased to see that the 70s were in is in full swing both on the cobbles and catwalks.  So go grab some flares because they are here to stay. 

Sunday, 22 February 2015

London Fashion Week - Keeping Up On The Cobbles

No one eats at fashion week right ...err wrong. 

Believe it or not you do have to eat at London fashion week, there's a myth that no one does and everyone struts around living only on air. I can tell you now, you won't get through the day. One season I was so busy that I barely ate anything, it was awful my energy levels dropped my photos were blurred and I ended up going home early with a headache and missing three shows. Not chic darling. So rather than just show you what I've been up to on Day 2 of London Fashion Week, I've teamed up with popchips to let you in on what a blogger really eats .. Well not every blogger, but sane ones who wants to last the week. 

9.00am - I'm up and half asleep, I need to make sure I have everything I need for the day. Memory card in my camera, phone at one hundred percent, show invites and a couple of snacks a breakfast bar, apple and two bags of popchips as I know it will be a while before getting lunch. After my first cup of tea I decided that I may as well eat my breakfast bar now, as I don't want to be munching when there are a heap of cameras around. 

11.00am- I'm almost at the cobbles and drink my water and eat my apple, once I'm done I see that it's cold and quiet. Usually the place is a buzzing, but I'm guessing that everyone must be at shows and take advantage by going to stock my bag to keep me going. I nip to the shop, that's just around the corner and get a bottle of cola - I need some sugar, some comfort it's so cold and I need the energy. 

Fashion Scout - Some of the amazing new designers show casing work.
Me trying to get a signal to check my twitter without much luck.
Shireeka - from Only Child.  

1.00pm- I've been snapping away and now can't feel my fingers. I get some really great shots of people, and stop every now and than as someone takes my photo. It's like that at fashion week, a circle of people taking pictures of people taking pictures. I take a quick break to look around for people I know, I have a quick caught up before everyone has to dash to go to shows, get street style photos and go for food. I finally get to met some people I follow on different social media accounts, one being Shireeka who is the studio manager of Only Child Jewellery

We chatted about fashion, designers she has her own label too and than decided it was time for lunch. I quickly wrote down what I'd had so far in my snack dairy, and than remembered I had popchips in my bag and start nibbling. I check my twitter and manage to get some signal, I update @Fbloggersuk and quickly check the photos I've snapped on my phone to tag designers and show bits and pieces of collections and designers sowing. 

Bunnipunch Lois being street style snapped.
Only Child jewellery
Cat Brothers new collection 
Ashely Williams display.

2.00pm- Me and Shireeka headed to a burger bar, and were so happy to be sitting down for a while. We bumped into Stephanie - StephiLareine and her boyfriend, who were sitting on a table near ours and all move to a bigger one so we can enjoy lunch together  They had been to the NME awards and I wanted to hear all the gossip on what went on, as predicted Javis cocker is a legend and it was generally fabulous.

We all shred a little tear of joy, at how amazing our burgers had been (and cheesy chips) and it was time to head to Fashion Scout. We spend a few hours at Fashion Scout as there is just too much to see. Some of my fave designers are there Typical Freaks and Clio Peppiatt, so I chat with them about inspiration behind the current collections. Once I can finally bring myself to leave, we get handed some frozen yoghurt on the way out it's yummy but cold and I've had enough of cold for one day. But I'm more than happy with the coconut water which gives me the boost I really need to go back out in the cold. 

5.00pm -6.30pm- The day is almost over, and so I decided to head back to the exhibitions at Somerset house to get more photos and talk with designers. I still have another bag of popchips but leave them till I'm on the way home. I try again to check my email and twitter with no luck and have a show to go to. I starting heading to the show, but I'm pretty cold still and tried from today and decided I really should go home and recharge. I had a great day, but will be back so need my beauty sleep. Eyebags are not very chic. 

I'm currently at Fashion week today, so head over to my twitter and Instagram @law1sfab to see what I'm up to.

Friday, 20 February 2015

London Fashion Week - So It Begins

Tomorrow I will be heading to Somerset house, this year I decided that two days (Saturday and Sunday) would be more than enough to get my fashion fix. I really enjoyed last season, there was a wonderful mix of vintage meets modern that I hope to see even more of this season. I'm embracing vintage fully this season, and can not wait to share my outfits with you. The important thing is to have fun, you see so many who act as if the cobbles are their catwalk. I'm focused on seeing new designers, snapping some cool style and seeing some of my favourite blogger friends. I have my checklist ready, which mainly consists of checking I have gadgets charged, and my memory card for my camera. I'm excited to see what the designers will bring to the catwalk, and enjoy the craziness of it all. You can follow me on twitter and Instagram for live updates @law1sfab

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