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We Need To Talk About Instagram

Okay so let's be honest no one wants to write about this, every time I hear myself moan about it I cringe a little because on the grand scale of things it doesn't matter. But then I start to think about the time lost, and it doesn't seem a lot at first. But then you start to think about the amount of shots you took, maybe a flat lay you set up or perhaps hours spent on a cool makeup look. And it's hard not to feel robbed. So what's the issue I hear you cry. Well someone at Instagram had the wonderful idea of mixing up the order of our feeds. Imagine doing that on any other platform, and I'm pretty sure it would have gone out of business already. You log onto Facebook to see what your friends have been up too, only to see posts from a year ago when you lived together or worse just the same four posts for three weeks. It's confusing, it's frustrating and to be honest it's putting us off. 

So why do we use it. 

Back To School- Unicorn Style

So I left it as long as I could, but we all know that it's back to school next week. I have mix feelings as Logan (my youngest) starts year one, and Corben goes into year three. I know they can't stay babies, and that they need to progress and grow but do they have to do it so quickly. They are all set with back to school stuff, Logan has his cheeky monkey bag, both and drawing pads and Corben has his banana backpack, bottle and pencil case filled to the brim.

So what about me, as a mum I think while I love my quirky bags, sometimes they just aren't practical. Sadly my rainbow backpack has seen better days. What this mama needed was some unicorn goodness. Perfect for doing the school run, picking up some shopping and being able to take out what I need - My crochet, books, makeup etc.. that jazzed up any outfit. If your unicorn  mad then Paperchase got you. 

How To Shop For 90s/00s Brands On EBay

Some of the 90s vintage pieces I've picked up on eBay

I've had a ton of you asking how I manage to bag such cool pieces off EBay. So I thought I would put together a cool kind of how to on hunting down 90s/00s brands and things you should actively do. In order to fill your wardrobe with awesomeness that didn't cost you an arm and a leg. This is exactly what I do, and how I've managed to build a cool collect of pieces when shopping on EBay. As I was a teen in the 90s and a hoarder I kept a lot of my things, but there were pieces that back then I couldn't afford so I love hunting down things. I should probably be over the 90s, and I'm sure there are people who would say I'm 'too old' to be wearing this stuff. I'm 34, and I'll wear what I bloody well like thank you.

So here's the 411

Cross Stitch | The Make Arcade ' There's no place like home' Kit Review

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you would probably know that I haven't been in the best of health lately. I was feeling so low, and really wanted to treat myself to try and give myself something nice to look forward too. I decided that rather then clothing or makeup, I wanted something that would challenge me. Something crafty, that would also cheer up my home and remind me when I have better days how important they are. 

I had seen someone post on Instagram ( sorry I can't remember who ) a cross stitch kit that said ' Make Today Amazing ' in rainbow colours. I headed straight over to Ruth's page. Ruth is the brains behind The Make Arcade, and runs it by herself. I felt like it was perfect, supporting an indie brand hell yes! Bright and colourful you bet! The only issue I had was deciding which of these fab kits I wanted.  

The Ordinary Skincare | Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA Review

After a late night of not being able to sleep again, I thought I would settle down with a magazine and a cup of tea - not the best thing to have for getting to sleep I know, but I was past the point of caring. As I flicked through, I come across a review by their beauty editor. I don't tend to buy into skincare trends, especially in magazines as I don't always feel that it's completely honest. While I know writers will want to be, a magazine is there more to sell these 'must haves' too you. Some times this can be a winner, and sometimes, well sometimes it's utter crap. 

But after reading about the brand The Ordinary, it was refreshing to see a brand everyone was going mad for that didn't cost a vital organ. That avoided ingredients like, parabens and sulphates that tend to leave skin dry and tight which is the last thing you want from a moisturiser and other skincare. 

Can A Hobby Turn Into A Chore

A ziggy patch I hand sequinned that I left for months before completing 

You are stretching yourself thinner, than a after eight mint shared by two people. Is your 'to do' list, reaching crazy limits of never ever getting done. Then join the club, what do you need, (no not gin) a hobby of course. We have been filling this void for decades, even when we are already exhausted we still can push a little further if fun isa involved. We live in an age, where the world of hobby is not the cringe fest it once was. And hobbies can take may different shape and forms, be it gaming, yoga, cross stitch, archer, dance, you name it and there's a group of people doing it as we speak.  

Being busy is the new cool, creating has made a massive comeback. Yes I'm focusing on the crafty side, but that's just what I enjoy.  The phrase 'I'm bored' is kinda frown upon in an age where we have the world at our finger tips. But when does a fun filled, stress free time filler became a stressful ball of chaos. When and how can the joy be sucked from something we once adored. I thought I would help expose, these joy sucking vampire problems out and help you refocus and enjoy again. Because let's face it, mostly it's someones comments that can put us off doing what we love.