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My Last Thrifted Piece Of 2017

Welcome to 2008 style photos, at least you can see how cute this coat is! I spotted it looking all grubby at the charity shop, and left it. I'm the first to admit I have an unhealthy obsession with coats, ( Baz also got me one for Christmas) but then I couldn't stop thinking about it. I had been three times and each time told myself I didn't need it. But after seeing it a fourth time and dropping off a mother load of things I didn't want I decided enough was enough and it was coming home with me. It cost me £3! I took my flash wipes and give the whole thing a good wipe down, these literally kill any germs and   it looked brand new - it has a bit of mud on the front that took all of a second to remove.  I took the button hood off and added my big fluffy scarf, as it's been forever since I've worn this bad boy. 

Girls That Game: Life Is Strange On PS4 #girlsthatgame

One evening when I had just completed Uncharted 4, and was left with that sort of high followed by that awful 'what do I play now' feeling. So went into full on seek mode to fill the void, hours of looking through my favourite gamer channels followed by some must play lists. Then chatted with some twitter friends, a pattern quickly formed and the same title kept appearing. I know it's from way back in 2015, but sometimes certain games get over shadowed by the same repetitive titles. I'm not even sure where to begin, because I've never felt like this about a game. Firstly no spoilers are here what so ever. I loath them, and I would never ruin your gaming experience. At the same time I can't not talk about this game. So wanted to give you a  honest review, without giving it away. 

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm has just been realised (not for Mac users sadly) and I wasn't ready to play it to be honest after just finishing the game. But they are just games right, anyone who has played this DONTNOD Entertainment master piece could never agree with that. So how has this company made what I can only describe as a cult classic in gaming.  

I decided to play the demo, which I would always recommend. As we all play differently and you may just not be into it. This goes for all games, and will save you a lot of money as there are some rubbish games out there. I play on the PS4, but like with Bioshock this game was designed for pc. Saying that I found this game to flow well, and I  didn't feel it took away from the experience. I wasn't sure what to except, so went in blindly. I think I was quick to react the way I would with a first person, and this is completely different. This game is choice based, and at first leads you to believe that it's going to be basic. 

While other games are aiming to be as HD as possible, Life is strange is more like walking into a painting. The design of this game is beautiful, there are little details everywhere and it's easy to miss them. I would say slow down and take your time, because that what's this game is all about. The theme is the butterfly effect and how all actions have consequences. The walk through is smooth, and I got to grips pretty quickly with what I could do. The game is split into five episodes, this is where it becomes more then just a game for me. It's a story almost film like, as it takes you on a journey learning about yourself and the people around you.  

You play as Max who has moved to bay to study photography, I absolutely love that you get to take photos in this game. It's very subtle at drawing you into Max's world, and seeing things from her perspective. But as in real life, one perspective is not the whole story. It's not long before Max finds she has the power to rewind time. It sounds easy, you say the wrong thing, rewind. You find yourself in a tricky place, rewind. But and this is a massive but, the rewind symbol which is above will soon come to haunt you. As you get to know Max and her relationship with others, it's easy how invested you become with them. And it soon becomes clear that these seemly throw away actions, will lead to the bigger picture.

A picture that's going to make it harder and harder for you to decide! Overall I absolutely loved this game and would recommend it to anyone, no matter which games you prefer to play. It's just so different and magical, it allows you to really care about the characters. I know not everyone was crazy about the ending, I did feel that starting off on such a high was going to be hard to top. I can't wait for the new year, as I've decided it's time to start Before the Storm, it's going to be odd not having Max's powers but also will make for a more intense choice as that's it no rewind.  The only negative I have to say about this game, was that it wasn't longer honestly I could have played this game for a whole other chapter. Also that I will probably never forgive the makes for the final decision you have to make *no spoilers.

So if your looking for something new to play, I would put this at the top of your list if you haven't already. If you like this game then I would suggest Until Dawn and Heavy Rain, both amazing games that are choice based. Have you played this game, what did you think about it? Have you started Before the storm, do you think it can compare to Life is Strange, I would love to know your views. 

2017| What To Remember When Your Years Been 'Meh'

              Causally throwing in my Instagram photos, because Instagram ( @law1sfab ) hate us all and we have to remind ourselves it still exists.

I've felt flat this year, not going to lie. While it feels that everyone is getting their shit together, I feel like I've taken steps backwards. I think it's easy to feel that you should be ticking boxes off every month. While living your best life sounds simple on paper, it's actual pretty draining trying to work hard, play hard and really enjoy it like that's the whole point right. It's easy to feel you pour yourself into work, and no one cares if your there or not be it in blogging, retail, office or even with your own business . Not having money or energy to play at all, just adds in to the cycle of feeling rubbish. Maybe you have lose a job, and that can bring your once vibrant life to a stand still. 

So where are the positives, where is the sliver lining. while I don't feel I've knocked it out the park this year, I'm not going to pretend that 2017 was a 'meh' year. Because while everyone was off living their best lives, I thought but that's not your life. It got me thinking more into my personal growth, and while to an outsider I may have achieved nothing I've made some huge changes that have started to impact my life for the better. 

Learning to love yourself is the biggest achievement of them all-

Okay so if you have read my blog for a while, you will be aware I have Body Dysmorphic disorder. If not Hello I'm Law, and my brain tells me to hate myself and causes me anxiety and depression, I know fun right. But looking around and reading others posts, watching videos on You Tube it seems a lot of you struggle with the big L word when it comes to yourself. This year I think I've tried to stop my nagging doubts, reminded myself that if I'm happy in my skin that's all that matters. This year I have spent less time in mirrors, worrying that an outfit doesn't look right. My bed has not been filled with my wardrobe because I've had a melt down so badly I can't leave the house. I've confidently left the house without makeup, as someone who's main trigger is my acne skin this for me was huge. It's taken time, I've had to remind myself daily that I'm me and I'm worth loving.  

Maybe you wore something you never thought you would this year, maybe you looked in the mirror and smiled. Maybe you spent more time out with people, then feeling that you weren't worth their time. You may have had bad days, but maybe this year your good days out weighted the bad in a long time. Maybe you felt proud of something, that usually you wouldn't have acknowledged before. If your at the start of this journey then make 2018 the year you give yourself a break, and embrace who you are. Because having confidence in yourself and not needing others approval is priceless. 

You don't need to earn me time -

This is one of thee biggest changes I'm still making, and it's not just because I'm a parent is having time for myself is SO important, and I do not have to earn it. When you think about it, like really think about it why should I have to complete days worth of tasks to have an hour of doing something fun. I think it's so easy to feel like your not doing enough, and that you have to ram every second with something 'productive'. When in reality your half doing jobs because your fed up. 

So while we all have stuff that has to get done, take some time for you. Be it a fancier lunch if your having a crap day at work, doing something creative if crafting brings you joy. Maybe going for a walk if you have been glued to a screen all week. The list goes on, just think about what makes you feel good and just do it. No I'll just do these 50 other tasks first. It's your life and you don't have to earn time to just be in this world.

Slow Progress is still progress-

It's only natural to compare, but I've found that sometimes I can be so busy worrying that I'm not doing as much as others I literally stop what I was doing. Personal my progress has been going from a hoarder to minimalist, while I won't be living in a white cube with one pair of shoes I am determined to reduce what I have and love what I have. When I say slow progress I mean slow, so far it's taken almost three years to downsize everything I have. But space is opening up, and I'm able to let go of things I have no love for. I've started to paint again, and feel more creative. 

Maybe your progress is at work, maybe it's saving up for something, maybe it's learning something new. It can be anything, maybe it's dealing with your mental health, or over coming a fear. Whatever you have started it may feel like your going no where, but it doesn't have to be instant. Progress is progress, and you should embrace that your moving forward. If your struggling with it, maybe set yourself a smaller goal. 

It's okay to remove toxic people from your life-

So this won't be for everyone, but I'm sure everyone has that one person who leaves them feeling like crap or drains your metal energy. This is something that took me a life time to learn, and when I think about thee amount of toxic people I had around me in my twenties I what to scream. I think when we think of being a nice person, it means having everyone in your life no matter how they impact upon your day to day. It can be really hard to cut people out, because you love them and believe that they can change and will grow. Sadly in most it's not going to happen, so rather then dancing around your issues, broken trust etc sometimes it's best to part ways. It doesn't have to be in an aggressive way, for me it was a case of removing myself from their lives. I now feel more relaxed, and I don't have the constant nagging that they are going to cause me upset. It may not be easy, but honestly once you have you will notice a massive change. 

Maybe it's someone online, someone who leaves a horrible comment all the time just  block those negative vibes because life hard enough without a complete stranger telling you your not worthy. I've found this year I've engaged less with people hell bent on dragging others down. Rather then argue about nothing, I tend to just put down my phone and remind myself that some people will always be ignorant. So if you have managed to cut out toxic people from you life, then know that your doing right by you. 

These are just some of the things I try to remind myself of, and who knows what 2018 will bring. I hope that we all have a better year, a year filled with time for fun and more excitement. A time were instead of worrying what others are doing, we create are own goals about living YOUR best life. 

Have you had a 'meh' year. What's your reminder to yourself? 

Five Things | To Watch On Netflix

I use to be the life and soul of the party, now I would much rather be snuggled up with a tea and binge watch a show. To some that maybe sad, but I look forward to having that time and as someone who has seen A LOT of shows/movies I'm always looking for something new. There has been so many shows to watch on Netflix lately, I haven't know where to start which almost never happens. 

Baz and I try and watch shows together, but like all couples we often sneak watch episodes as some are just too good to have too wait for. Gone are the days of waiting, it's all there so of course it doesn't matter that you have only had three hours sleep! You NEEDED to know how it ended. I picked out some of my favourite for you, as there is nothing worst then wasting an evening trying to find something to watch. Prepare to lose all track of time ...

6 Must Dos Before Christmas

Bambi Mug: ASDA

How is Christmas a week a way, when did this happen. Saying that I'm so ready for Christmas day to happen already, this month has been one thing after another for me and it's tested my levels of sanity. But dispute the fact our washing machine broke, having two massive unexpected bills to pay and that my poor grandad has been laid up in hospital the last few weeks I'm still hanging on to my Christmas spirit. I'm determined to make this Christmas a fun filled fest for our boys. 

I'm trying to look too what I do have, and that these bumps in the road are just that. I'm lucky and thankful to have a loving family, a piece to rest my head and food on my table. That my grandad isn't alone, and that while being in hospital over Christmas isn't very nice, his still here being looked after and that all my family are supporting him and one another. So I'm just holding on to hope that he will be home soon.

On a brighter note apart from the boys both being ill, they have been so lovely to each other. Maybe it's more to do with Santas list, but they have been fighting less and doing more for each other which has been one of the things I've really needed this month. They made Christmas cards for their great grandad, and even been more helpful around the house without the help of a creepy Elf on the shelf. Soz but they freak us all out. 

So with gifts all wrapped, I'm finally ready to settle down and get into Christmas.  I know that Christmas isn't all fun and games for you either, so here are my fail safes things to do to help you get ready for this festive season. 

#YouShall | Treat Yourself This Christmas

I don't know about you, but I'm so indecisive around Christmas time. I guess you make so many choices when getting presents for everyone, that simple choices suddenly feel like someone telling you to go for a hike on a Monday morning. One thing that I feel the most Indecisive about, is should I treat myself at Christmas time. I'm a mum of two young boys, and whenever it comes to treating myself I get the 'mum guilt' it's awful. My boys are swimming in stuff,  and yet whenever I buy something I feel the guilt monster up on my shoulder. 

This year however, I'm breaking this habit and getting myself a couple of treats. I have no Christmas parties to look forward to, which for most would be a fabulous excuse to treat yourself right and get a party frock and heels. I do like the advert calendars, but again just can't decide *face palm which one I would enjoy. So to ease my guilt monster I though about some sassy, but practical 'basics'. Because really, treats aren't suppose to be basic and these are anything but! 

How I Wear: A Puffa Jacket

I haven't had time to take any real outfit photos, as I work my way through my hoard of stuff and try and clear out the last of it before Christmas. Time just hasn't been there, so sorry for these quick phone snaps. I'm really looking forward to having more time to blog and work on some new projects. But at the same time, getting my place sorted is a must. Space is slowly opening up, and it feels great to clear out things I no longer need. It has been a slow process, but if your going from a hoarder to a minimalist (trying to reduce your stuff down to what you actual like) then stick with it as it will be worth it in the end.