Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Yummy Mummy -Lush's Lifesavers For Dry Skin

Feeling like death, I decided that maybe a warm bath would help relieve some of the aches and pains in my paper like bones  It wasn't the perfect mothers day I had hoped, due to the fact I could not enjoy it with Barry and our boys like going for meal. But I packed up my pity party make the best of it, and broke out my box of bath goodies that Lush had kindly sent me for mothers day. I've always enjoyed a Lush bath, when life is all getting a bit stressful and I find even the smell of products in the bathroom lift my spirits a little. 

Taking my bath and not expecting anything that new - I've used Lush for years so I've gotten use to most of their products. I didn't want to spend too long in the bath, so thought that I would save my bath ballistic and bubble bar for a good soak. 

I liked the sound of the Yummy Mummy body conditioner*, I have super dry skin we're talking almost raisin like - I know sexy right. It smells so incredible like a caramel sundae with orange zest on top, I was tempted to scoop the whole pot out and smear it like my life depended on it. Than my logical side told me to breathe and just use a little. You really don't need much, it's packed with cocoa butter and almond oil so it spreads easily and you don't need a thick layer to see the benefits. I left it on a while to let it really soak into my skin, as it needs a little time kind of like a hair mask to get the full effect. 

I used it more on my under body, my arms and shoulder tend to be my problem areas. I used the Yummy Mummy shower gel* on the rest of my body, because I'm just that crazy and ignore the word shower. I liked the purple colour, it's so pretty and the smell was even better it also has seaweed which is so good for dry skin. It left my skin with a sweet flowery smell and my skin felt soft and renewed. Some of the body washes don't have much later too them, as of course they try and kept it natural. This had a little more than others that I've tried. 

I came down stairs to open my cards and have a cup of tea, and the boys were laughing at me as I kept sniffing my arm. I've used it non stop since, so will have to treat myself to another tube and bottle soon. I honestly don't believe in a mass of products in my bathroom, I have my everyday things but I do like having those special pamper top ups too. My dry skin is a lot better for it, and I've even started thinking about scrappy summer tops. You don't have to be yummy or a mummy to discover that if your also raisin like than these can work wonders on your skin. 

When your sniffing your arm after a bath, I say that counts as being yummy and that's good enough for me. Be warned these are limited -Why Lush Why! So you need to snap them up while you can. Also if you bring back five clean full sized pots or tubes, you get one free face mask so that's another treat to look forward to once your product is all gone. I'm saving mine for Catastrophe Cosmetic, as my face is spotty due to being run down lately. Which would you save your pots for?  

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

London Fashion Weekend

As I mentioned in my last post the folks at living social gave me tickets for London Fashion weekend, I hadn't been in years so wanted to see if it had changed much over time. London Fashion weekend is a public event, and you can purchased tickets for different experiences I had silver tickets so I got a goodie bag, and catwalk tickets. I decided to take my friend con, to get a non blogger view of the event. As I waited for con outside Somerset house, I went to take some photos only to discover I'd left my memory card at home ... I know worst blogger ever. 

Thankfully I managed to buy one from a shop just across from the event, and heading back to meet Con. We grabbed some coffee and went to pick up our goodies bags, they were packed with makeup bits, dry fruit pack and a copy of Hello. Than it was time for the catwalk show. 

I thought that the show would be a trend run down, but it was actual Sibling (hello fabulous) S/S 2015 collection. While the collection was amazing, I found trying to watch and take photos differ a lot from London  Fashion Week. A sea of selfie sticks started to block most of my photos, and Con even as a non blogger found it annoying. If you used a selfie stick during London fashion Week, I'm pretty sure a sea of editors and buyers would beat you with it. Saying that thankful my camera managed to capture these images, and so I could look back to see what selfie sticks had blocked. 

Also something that me and Con did discuss was that while the show offer a real LFW experience. It lacked what the weekend is about, discovering new designers and shopping their current collections at a discounted rate. It would have been great to see the designers pieces styled like in past years, I know me and Con both agreed that's what a lot of young girls want. As great as the catwalk show was I'm not sure if showing one designer would inspire a host of women and lets not forget the fellas. Yeah no mens style which I felt was bad, as there were plenty of men there of their own free will. There were however lots of talks going on, which for someone knowing nothing about the industry gives a step into the fashion world. 

As Con and I wanted to go for a late lunch, before she had to go pack for a work trip we went to see what designers where selling pieces. I was really pleased we did as I found  some new designers, (hello Kit Neale cat prints ) I had not heard of and two I adore. Overall we did enjoy it, but I think the selfie sticks need to be banned when it comes to catwalk show and maybe have a more trend focused catwalk. A great event, to discover amazing designers and really get a feel for the whole excitement of discover at Fashion week.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

It's Okay To Be Weird Or Not

Growing up I always knew I had a different idea of what I considered beautiful, while girls around me wore the latest threads from Morgan, Topshop and (insert another trendy 90s brand). I customised hand me downs, wore flares and dreamed of owning David Bowies ziggy star dusts wardrobe. I wanted to be a mix of Spices girls, meets Shirley Manson. I did like popular things but wanted them to be more outrageous almost cartoon like. Girls I knew, wanted to be Barbie and look like Pamela Anderson they looked to Kate Moss and All Saints for style. While I dyed my hair red to look like Shirley Manson, and copied Bjorks hair styles from ripped out pages of Top Of The Pops magazine. It was pretty clear I was going to fit in.

Jeans I painted because I'm bored of what 'grown up' jeans should be.

I never wanted to look like Barbie in regards her body, hair or face I wanted her tacky plastic, rainbow outfits and her shoe collection. As I got into music more and more, because I could not afford even high street fashion I became a Goth. It was amazing, all black, reds and purple and I would pick up thing from charity shops and take inspiration from album artwork on my tape collection. I felt like I was burying the old me who had been bullied for trying to fit in and becoming a person who no longer cared what these people thought of me. Once that happen, it opened pandoras box and I moved on to skater, which somehow became hippy than grunge, back to hippy, into rocker and well I forget I wanted to transform and really explore different styles.  

As I got older and could fund my own wardrobe, I was drunk on choice. When I get depressed I find I dress the way I think people want me too, I guess you would say average. It's like I'm trying to blend in, it may sound odd but it feels so alien. I'm at peace with who I am, people can laugh at my outfits or suggest I tone it down that's fine. I've found the older I get the less I care about pleasing others or trying to fit into even a subculture group. I don't have to dress a certain way to have friends or achieve what I want, I've found since I've started embracing my weird side my life over all feels better. If I can't find clothing I like than I make it, or find cool brands that go against the norm. I think it's made me a more creative person, and that's always a positive. 

Sadly it doesn't just stop at fashion, I think there is an awful amount of pressure on people in especially in their twenties to have a certain lifestyle. Be it living it up and partying, traveling while having the perfect relationship and friends that also fit this mould. I'm pass this thankfully, and just think why does it matter, if someones happy to stay in what's the problem if someone wants to go out clubbing great. I'm pass wanting to party all the time if I'm honest, I'd much prefer to watch a back to back boxset and play Clash of clans with a cup of tea and a non trendy mini roll (sorry Macroons your pretty but not that tasty). 

At thirty two I probably should 'dress my age', but I'm not going to. I've always been labeled weird, and it use to really hurt me I was always made to feel like an outsider. Time has shown me that it can only hurt me if I let it, if you can embrace your differences and understand that it's your perspective of self that really counts those labels fall by the way side. If your the type of person that has to label everyone, and only see the negative than maybe reflect on how happy you really are with your life. Because if I see a girl wearing a crop top with a bit of belly, or a guy wearing nail polish and a tank top. I'm not going to tell them how to live their lives I'm going to mentally high five them for not giving a monkeys for anyones approval. So be weird, be bright, be fun, be minimal, be fat, be skinny, be in a relationship or single,  be tanned, be pale, be sassy or classic be whoever you want and don't let anyone put you down for being the real deal. Stay true to yourself and stay strong because it's okay to be weird or not ....

What I Wore: To London Fashion Weekend

 Orange Coat and Chinese Top: Thrifted
Faux Fur Collar: Select Fashion Holographic Bag: Old 
Lips T-shirt worn underneath: EBay
Skirt: Thrifted Boots: River Island 

I've been ill now for what seems like a decade, but before catching what feels like the virtual plague I attended London Fashion weekend with Living Social which I will be chatting about later this week. Thankful the weather was a little warmer so I decided on some light layers, and was in a bit of a 90s mood. Most of this outfit was thrifted, I'm really getting back into my vintage and charity shopping again. You can always find something a bit different and less trend focused.  

I've been inspired by my old Fruits books, well worth buying by the way. They to me were the original street style pioneers, taking photos of cool kids back in the 90s in Japan by photographer Shoichi Aoki. I've had them years from when I was a teen, and I still sit down with them every now and than and flick for inspiration. If you look at most of the outfits them would look just as cool on the streets as they did than. If your like me and like kooky randomness than you need them in your life. I've been listening to Bj√∂rk and I think that just added to my outfit. I'm trying to give my usual 90s grunge vibes a break, and keep it a little more tailored.  

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Saturday Song List - With Nusound Headphones

As a mother of two I rarely get any peace and quite, there's always a television blasting, a toy rattling out sound or a question that begins with 'mummy can ..' and as much as I want some peace I want them to be happy. So on the moments that silence decides to swing by I like to play music, I do openly play my music but the kids usually shout over it and I end up feeling more stressed and hope that one day they will at least sing a long with my tunes. Usually the evening is when I get a little time, I love to listen to a mixture of new and old vinyl and dignity. I have a really mix love of music, because so many great bands and icons have been inspired by others it's impossible to say well I just like this music. Anyone who does that should think about that deeper, and maybe discovery something incredible. 

As I settle down more often than not I reach for a pair of headphones, my other half would not be pleased with me playing records if his off to bed and he will do the same if his on his games. At one point I had five pairs as I couldn't find a comfortable pair. Plus don't even get me started on how long they last. I use them to listen to music, playing games, and watching films on the laptop in bed so they probably get used more than I once thought. 

Black Roadie Headphones: Nusound Acoustics* via The Blogger Programme

So when Nusound sent me a pair I was ready to have my pen and paper out to list the cons, but I think I may have found THEE pair. Firstly they don't dig in your head, which when I'm wearing them all evening is a massive ' thank you, because I actual like my skull the way it is' and the wire that connects them has a cord cover. Meaning that if my little darlings steal borrow them, they are protected and won't be dead within the month and if your wearing them outside they are going to be protected. As for sound, they are spot on. Take it from me after having some of the top of the range branded headphones, that actual sounded like I was listening to music through a  piece of tinfoil - You will understand how this basically kills music, your soul and your belief in humankind. That these are great, not too much base and the sound is clear without being piercing. 

So what have I been listening to through these glorious beasts. Well if you like a spot of the old vinyl, than you may like my list. I tend to think of clothing and music, so I've been wearing flares, and cat eyeliner and feeling very sassy. I think this is a great mix for getting you powered up to face the world, and break out your platforms and feather boa.

My Vinyl Playlist:

  • Abba greatest hits 
  • Dionne Warwick greatest hits vol 1
  • Madonna Like A Virgin
  • Carol King Tapestry 
  • David Bowie The Rise and Fall Of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars

There are plenty of classic tunes, when I'm listening to tunes on the go I'll usually pop on XFM. As they play a lot of new artists, and I'm going to buy the Royal Blood album as every track I've heard off it so far has wedged it's way into my brain - Thinking vinyl just because everything sounds twice as awesome on vinyl FACT. I general like grunge, but like I said I'll listen to anything that has some soul. I currently have L7- Bricks are heavy, Nirvana- Bleach, Amy Winehouse -Frank, Goldfrapp -Felt mountain and a bunch of other cool albums on a playlist I like to call 'Tunez are good'. So this is what I've been listening to, what has been rocking your world? I'd love to know, anything you think I should be adding to my vinyl collection than feel free to demand I pay it attention. 

Monday, 2 March 2015

Ladylike Perfection - Lulu Liu AW15 Show

Firstly I didn't wear my glasses, which was a massive no no when your going to a show to take photos . Anyway apart from capturing the blurriest photos, more suited to the last days of fashion week on Instagram I did manage by some small miracle to take these. Lulu Liu is not a designer I had heard of before. Clearly I've been under a rock,  as she's been designing since 2011 and worked for Giles. Now she is powering her focus into her own label. 

I really didn't know what to except, but in a way this makes it all the more exciting just before the show starts as your clueless. As the lights lit up, and the first model strut out in a white layered jumper I knew that this was a designer who liked clean ascetics. As more girls graced the catwalk, more textures and details were introduced feathers, fringing, ruffles in subtle washes of mint, blue and grey. Than red came flooding out a belted jacket and skirt than cape worn over a dress, shiny, sharp and foxy. 

Her designs are powerfully structured, but not so much that the delicate natural of the details is lost. The collection reminded me of Selina Kyle in Batman Returns, by day she's a sectary she has a great tailored style and wants to take more control. Than by night she's catwomen and that sassy red jacket and skirt, oozed that sexy confident women who gets what she wants. Odd I know but I liked it, the pieces moved beautifully and the whole collection had edge but without being gritty. She sources the best materials and that reflects in her collection, her coats and jackets are her strongest point and I'm looking forward to seeing her next collection. Lulu Liu current SS15 collection is just as beautiful, if your looking for a designer investment piece than it's worth a having a look. 

Friday, 27 February 2015

Strawberry Flares

Outfit photos taken by- Leigh at Fox and Feather 
Orange Coat and Red Top: Thrifted/ Bag: Paperchase
Faux Fur Collar: Select Fashion/ Strawberry Flares: Beyond Retro
Jelly Shoes: Juju*

The great thing about living in London, is that you can always find a perfect backdrop to your outfit. Usually I'm forced to go where every I can to get outfit photos, which are outside where I live take by my mum- Yes totally professional fun times. The other evening was different, I was over Bricklane to meet Leigh from Fox and Feather as we had to stop by Beyond Retro. It was later so although the light wasn't perfect, there wasn't much choice.  We went to 101, were I hang out in my student days for burgers and chips and live music. Than we got chatting about vinyl, as Leigh collects as well so popped into Rough Trade to see who the record signing was for that night. Sadly it was not someone we were familiar with, but we chatted about our dream record to add to our collections and the best thirfed vinyl we had ever purchased.  

I got these flares at Beyond Retro last week, one of the stylist pulled them for me when we were sorting out outfits for London fashion week. I decided that they had to became apart of my wardrobe, as I'm trying to buy more vintage again. I was so happy as they are a perfect fit, which is super rare as usually things I like are usually too small for me. I know I'm going to wear them to death as they are comfortable but still well tailored.  They are actual handmade, and the fabric hangs well unlike a lot of high street flared trousers. More importantly they are unique and it's unlikely that anyone else will have a pair of these. That's the plus with vintage, that your buying into a past life were things were not mass produced and made to last. 

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