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How I Wear: Blue Stripes

I don't usually tend to follow trends, but one I've loved this year is blue stripes. I think t's such a classic, and there's so much choice of styles to choose from. Of course when it's hot, than the off the shoulder is the perfect way to wear the print. I first recalled seeing  the blue stripe print in a classic toothpaste advert. The cartoon featured a family brushing their tooth together, the dad had red stripe pyjama and the boy had blue stripe pyjama to match the stripe toothpaste *goals right there. Blue stripes were of course used before, for vile reasons as a 'uniform' for people at camps during the second world war. It would be foolish to ignore that fact, I think this is why fashion history is so important for brands and designers to know.  

How I Wear: Striped Vest & Jeans

This week London had it's first real taste of summer, instead of grabbing a rainbow sweater I actual had to hunt done all my vest tops. As frankly I had given up completely on summer happening, I'm sure now I've dragged it all out it will rain tomorrow. I got rid of most of my vest tops as most were too over sized, and just ill fitting. So I was determined to purchase some cute vest tops, that I felt confident in. I have a hollow chest, so  low cut tops can often look odd on me as I don't really have 'cleavage' it doesn't bother me. But it means that it can sit oddly and yeah I'm over that. 

D.I.Y Day: Patch Denim Jeans

The fun thing about patching up clothing is that you can do it over time, I tend to build my patch collection up than use them. Or you can buy a pack of patches and just go for it, it's simple but a really effective way of jazzing up your clothing. Denim is a key trend this season, so what better way to add a bit of fun and life back into some plain threads. It's really easy, and you don't have to be a master of sewing to achieve the look. As this has been massive and everyone is getting back into pins and patches  you can pick them up easily on the high street. There's a bunch of new indie brands making them if you prefer something more limited, Instagram is flowing with inspiration so have a look. 

Discover London: Ragyard

I really want to start sharing more cool places in London with you, so I thought I would start with a shop I stumbled across a few weeks ago. Ragyard is everything I love in a shop, this beautiful shop is filled with amazing trinkets and clothing that you could only achieve by traveling the world. As I'm off to BST festival in Hyde Park and still not decided what to wear, I thought it would be great to have a look and get some inspiration. 

How I Wear: Off The Shoulder Top

To say I feel exhausted at the moment would be an understatement, my boys have been unwell so sleep hasn't really happened. But both are feeling better and back to school now, so life is slowly getting back to normal. While I love being in a routine, when you haven't had much sleep combined with the crazy weather (yep it's still a guessing game of what to wear) I feel like putting zero effort into anything. 

I think being stuck in and basically giving up and living in PJ's, give me a kick to just think 'screw this' so I've started all my new bits in my wardrobe to the front. Will it rain probably, am I pass caring 100% I have so many nice things I'm just going to wear. I would love to style them up more, but it's getting to a point where it just needs to go on my back. If I'm wearing it, than I'm winning the no sleep, crap weather, pass the coffee trophy. 

Yas Queen: Stripes & Mint

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