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A Tray Makes All The Difference | At Home With Rooi

A while ago I was sat on the sofa with my iPad, slipping my tea when I decided that rather than brokering things for my wardrobe it was time to think more about homeware. I spotted 'The Sorry Girls' (on You tube) had a video up about making your home look like it's from a magazine. Okay I hear you laughing, my taste shall we say is different, I like colour, bold print and pattern. So while it's not magazine like, I still thought it would be great to watch, as sometimes you can pick up some great ideas. One of the tips stood out to me, and it was having a tray. Trays are great for making a centre piece, and it worked like a charm. Before the children kept putting there cups everywhere, there was forever a cry for ' quick get a tea towel' to wipe up another mess. They started using the tray without me even asking, and it's great for having my candles on. 

How I Wear| Those 70s Flares

I've always loved flares, I remember when 'skinny jeans' became the one and I rejected them straight away. Of course I've grown to love them, and we have a love affair, but flares will always hold a special place in my heart. They remind me of being young and my obsession with the 70s. So seeing the Moschino 'flower power' 2017 resort collection, I knew I had to find a pair of flower print flares stat! 

D.I.Y Day| Denim Patch Jacket

Denim patch jackets continue to be a massive trendy, for autumn you can layer faux fur collars on top to keep warm. If your buying one it can get pricey, and it's annoying if you already have a bunch to feel you have to buy another . Also I find I don't always love the patch selection on them, so of course I had to D.I.Y it. The great thing with a denim jacket is you can go wild, trims are my favourite as you can layer them to build up a cool design.

So it's super simple, and doesn't take much time. You can sew by hand, or by machine or glue, but sewing will last a lot longer. As I said in my patch jeans tutorial, you can build up your collection over time and keep adding as you can. This makes for a jacket that's truly unique to you, and it doesn't have to cost heaps.

I'm Not Like A Regular Mum, I'm A Cool Mum

Top: Charity shop Orange pinafore dress: Beyond Retro

Being a mum of two small children, has defiantly changed how I view my wardrobe. It's amazing how you can go from feeling pretty cool about how you dress, to being told by your child not to wear something because it's embarrassing. I guess I don't dress how I'm suppose to, I love rainbow stripes, patterned denim and own way to many novelty bags for anyone over the age of twelve. I mean how am I suppose to dress is a question, I do ask myself sometimes. Having the boys did effect me, my body changed and I guess my style was put on hold in place of being practical. I did however care a lot less about what others were thinking, maybe hitting my thirties helped. I went from 'oh I'm not sure' to 'I'm not sure but screw it I'll wear it anyway'. 

I guess that's why I adore vintage, there are whole decades that embraced print, colour and playing with how garments are cut it's a whole 'screw it vibe'. I try and tell my boys little stories, like ' Who do you think worn this before mummy? Maybe a circus performer.' Yes it's silly, but I guess I want to pass that interest down to them. While I can't dress them in heaps of vintage now, I'm looking forward to going shopping with them when their older and seeing how vintage will evolve in this time of throw away fashion. I use to get bullied for wearing hand me downs, but as an adult I take joy in the hunt of finding something unique at the charity shops. The shame has been removed, and I love that it's now 'cool' to be thrifty. 

DIY Day | Crochet Projects 002

To be honestly I completely forgot about this feature, till someone asked me what I'd been working on. If you follow me on Instagram and follow #lawdoescrochet you can see what I'm working on. As I love seeing what others have made and are working on, I promise I will feature more of what I make and link to patterns used. As I love looking at makes for inspiration, knowing what size hook was used etc as it can be good to get an idea on sizing. I'm working on an African crochet blanket, so it's taken up a massive chunk of my crochet time. 

I'm looking forward to finishing it, as it's been a project I work on every now and than. I also need to finish my Star Wars crochet balls, as our Christmas tree will be pretty dull without them. The boys picked the theme this year, so we will see how it goes. I try and make a mix of home ware and clothing, as I think it can get boring not to make yourself a little something every now and than. So here are my latest makes, I do have some more but I'll save them for next time. 

A Guide To Avoid Buying Fake Vintage

Cheated, frustrated but mostly disappointed just some of the feelings you'll experience if you ever fall foul into buying something you were told was vintage. Yes a little dramatic, but honestly the amount of time and money wasted soon can dismay any vintage lover from buying on line. In my early years of thrifting, EBay was pretty much my go to, I was determined to find and fill my wardrobe with vintage gems. So being a pretty trusting person and assuming that most people could tell the different between vintage and retro I purchased what I thought was true vintage.  Waiting patiently for the postman to head over with said treasured package,  that of course I had already planned how I was going to style and to find what.. 

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