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Discover London: Ragyard

I really want to start sharing more cool places in London with you, so I thought I would start with a shop I stumbled across a few weeks ago. Ragyard is everything I love in a shop, this beautiful shop is filled with amazing trinkets and clothing that you could only achieve by traveling the world. As I'm off to BST festival in Hyde Park and still not decided what to wear, I thought it would be great to have a look and get some inspiration. 

How I Wear: Off The Shoulder Top

To say I feel exhausted at the moment would be an understatement, my boys have been unwell so sleep hasn't really happened. But both are feeling better and back to school now, so life is slowly getting back to normal. While I love being in a routine, when you haven't had much sleep combined with the crazy weather (yep it's still a guessing game of what to wear) I feel like putting zero effort into anything. 

I think being stuck in and basically giving up and living in PJ's, give me a kick to just think 'screw this' so I've started all my new bits in my wardrobe to the front. Will it rain probably, am I pass caring 100% I have so many nice things I'm just going to wear. I would love to style them up more, but it's getting to a point where it just needs to go on my back. If I'm wearing it, than I'm winning the no sleep, crap weather, pass the coffee trophy. 

Yas Queen: Stripes & Mint

Kiss & Makeup - A Evening Of Jewellery Making With Tatty Devine

The New Kiss & Makeup collection 

Last week all my crafty dreams came true, when the queens of perspex jewellery - Tatty Devine invited me to an evening of jewellery making. A necklace from their brand new collection Kiss & Makeup. Jazmine talked me through the collection, and had on the eye shadow palette necklace which matched her outfit perfectly. I love the whole retro vibe, it was like someone had raided my mothers makeup bag. My mum had all the classic 80s makeup, nail polish with the long golden lid, eye shadows in soft blues and pinks. 


I'm so happy to finally share that I've joined the Bloggreation team, as their vintage fashion editor. I want to say a massive thank you, to Sarah who brainstormed and started this fabulous magazine for bloggers. I love that no stone is left unturned, and that it  literally gives you everything you could possible want to know all in one place. I think an online magazine for bloggers by bloggers, is just another great way to get the community involved and give back. I absolutely adore blogging, and the community is a massive part of that. I hope as vintage fashion editor,  I can take you on a journey to find more vintage to love, give your old vintage a new home and tackle your vintage trend woes. I've already read a bunch of posts from my fellow editors, and hope that I can inspire you just as much. 

If you have any vintage features, outfits or you have posted with any tips, guides or must haves. Than please send me your links, as part of our posts we feature blog posts we think are worth checking out. 

How I Wear: A Crochet Vest Top

The sun was warm enough without being baking today, that I could finally wear my sailor inspired crochet vest. Sometimes when I'm half way through a crochet project, that's when I found my brain suddenly decides it's bore and I need to move on. Thankfully I've learned how to silence this part of my brain, mostly with biscuits. 
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