Saturday, 18 October 2014

Denim Diary #DenimTheIcons - Double Denim

                                                                                                           Shirt: F&F (borrowed off my boyfriend)
Denim Pinafore: Primark*
Cross necklace: EBay
Rucksack: Primark 
Navy trainers: Converse*

This is my final look from McArthurGlen designer outlet denim diary style challenge, and my fave. This time I styled the Levis jacket from the outlet, and tackle double denim which can look beyond vile if not styled correctly (trust me I learned the hard way). My top tip is to clash the denim shades, unless the denim is very fitted than you can work the same shade with jeans and a shirt. It's all about trying it on and mixing pieces round till you get a winning combo.

I decided to team it with a primary denim pinafore and a checked shirt. I borrowed this off my boyfriend, as I prefer his ones to mine. As this is a more casual outfit, I went for trainers in a navy colour and a rucksack. I really love this look and it's warm so perfect for those chilly days ahead. I like that to mix it up, all I have to do is swap in for a new shirt and shoes and i have a whole different look. Simple but classic, great for a day of shopping, uni, or going to a gig. If you missed my others looks you can see how I style a denim shirt with a skirt and with a suit. I hope this has inspired you, and if you have any tips on styling denim I would love to hear them. 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Denim Diary #DenimTheIcons - The Two Piece

Floral two piece: H&M
Skull Ring: H&M men

So here is the second look for my Denim Diary, as part of McArthurGlen designer outlet denim challenge. Two pieces are still massive, and I think a denim shirt is such an easy way to break it up. As the print is pretty have, I left jewellery to just skull ring and went for my white boots to match the polls dots on the shirt. This Tommy Hilfiger shirt is super sweet, I love that it has press studs rather than buttons as it's easy to just throw on. I left the shirt out, as I wanted a more relaxed look. If the weather was bad I would take my heavy coat and layer it over the top of the jacket, that way you can still wear your two piece and not freeze during the process.  As I showed in my first outfit, it also looks great tucked into a skirt so if you have a two piece with a skirt you can still work this look easily. 

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Birds Eye Stream Fresh Range

As a busy mum of two, I know all to well the struggle of trying to make healthy meals that are also tasty and don't take up much time. When we think of cooking in the microwave most of the time you think of awful tasteless ready meals, packed with sugars. What's refreshing is to see a brand break this view, and actual make a product that is as fresh as when it was picked. Of course we all know that freezing means keeping all the good bits, but sometimes the cooking process can kill this. So it was a natural step for Birds eye to introduce the Steam method. But they went even further and take their small range to new levels. The Steam fresh now also includes pasta * drools, as well as veg and rice. 

If I had any doubts, Birds eye took me and some other bloggers around their taste lab. The team broke down the key flavoured notes, to provide us with the best possible combination for a taste dish. They said that these can be used more as side dishes. Seeing the many ways they combined different bags into meals,  showed me that I can cut down cooking time without losing the quality of the food. They showed us how quickly the veg is frozen, which was cool and explained that some people are super tasters which means they have more taste buds than others. That's why kids tend to be so picky, it's actual because they have more taste buds.  

The creamy cheese pasta was my favourite, which I have since made for my family. You microwave the whole bag which has 2-3 portions. The veg (peas and broccoli) are also included and I added some goats cheese, salt and basil as I had there and both my boys left clean plates. It's not about not cooking anything, it's about cutting time on those extras and having a healthy meal. I love the new bigger pack idea, as having to microwave a bag at a time when you need two or three can be a pain. They are great on the price front too, as sometimes buying a heap of veggies soon adds up and if they start going off fast it can end up being a waste of money. The great thing with having the bags is they don't take up much room, and I know that we will have veg in every meal. I think it can seem odd using the microwave, but the fact things are being steamed can be far better than boiling. The meal ideas are endless, and it's all about mixing it up and playing around with ideas. Have you tried the stream fresh range? What did you make? 

Monday, 13 October 2014

Denim Diary #DenimTheIcons - Checks

Denim Shirt: McArthurGlen designer outlet* 
Black jewelled cover jacket: Vintage via EBay
Bag: Primark 
Necklace: Waiste 
Skirt: New Look
Boots: River Island 

So last week, I took McArthurGlen designer outlet up on their denim diary style challenge. The challenge was to style two pieces of denim up for a week, so over the next few days I'll be sharing my takes on some classic trends. To celebrate the classic wardrobe staple, denim, McArthurGlen Designer Outlets are launching New Denim Icons this October. 

So today it's the denim shirt, I adore this one as it's polka dot and is tailored differently from other denim shirts I own. They have other 250 brands including Burberry, Mulberry, Armani, Replay, Diesel, Guess, Ted Baker, Reiss, Jaeger, Lulu Guinness and Michael Kors offering year-round savings of up to 60%, McArthurGlen is a haven for new season trends and denim. 

I decided to show you how I would rock the check trend, as most people are going for a checked cape I still swear by a checked skirt. It really is a classic and has became a staple for my autumn winter wardrobe. To break it up from looking to casual, I added my vintage jacket and a kooky purse. Ankle boots are perfect for slimming my legs and making them look longer, I tucked the shirt into the skirt to make sure my waistline was not lost. It's a great day time look, if you have any leopard print like a coat or cardigan it would also work giving your outfit a more punk meets rockabilly look.  


Thursday, 9 October 2014

Halloween Clothing For Kids

Corben wears Top: ASDA (current collection)
Rock pose his own

As a mum of two, there is nothing I love more than treating them to some new clothes. As I tend to just buy clothes and shoes when they need them,  things like Halloween and other celebrations are a great excuse for adding to their wardrobe. Also I love themed pieces, and as a bit of a rocker Halloween is thee best time to fill the boys wardrobes with skeleton jumpers and monster onesies. As I know most of you don't always have time to see what's in the shops, I have picked my favourite pieces from my favourite shops to buy clothing for kids. Also to show that what ever your child's age from bub to teen, there are some amazing threads to be had. 

George At ASDA
Great for value and the clothing washes well, I like that they also have a wide range for boys as well as girls as some brands are so limited on cool clothing for boys. I also love their dress up items and their baby bits are beyond cute. 

River Island
While I could not find heaps online, I know that in store they will have a heap. Last year I ended up buying corbel a bunch of cool t-shirts. Plus they now have a baby range and their teen wear is super cute. I love their Halloween extras like eyeball candy, and the fake fangs are bond to keep the kids having fun. 

Marks & Spencer

Once upon a time my nan use to buy all my baby clothing from M&S, with good reason they clothing is by far the best quality on the high street. There kids wear is so funky as well, older children will love these glow in the dark onesies and how adorable are the baby two pieces. They also have  some pinterest worthy Halloween decorations like this  cauldron sign. 

F&F at Tesco
With a massive range for both boys and girls,  the kids will be ready for Halloween and the cold. I love their accessorise,  as who doesn't want glow in the dark gloves. Like ASDA they have a massive range of dress up costumes too with most under £10, you can't go wrong. 

So I hope this has helped, and that if you love Halloween as much as me you can kit the kids out to the max and still have money to spree. My boys love Halloween and it's also a great time to D.I.Y some costumes too, so you can always take inspiration from the shops too. What are you dressing up as for Halloween? 

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Boohoo Xmas Collection 2014

Yes the Xmas collections are here. While I can't even think about Christmas right now, there is no denying that the collections I've seen so far I need now! Boohoo was one at the top of my ' OMG it needs to be in my wardrobe ASAP' list and for good reason. This festive season they have given sequins a makeover with bralets and sports luxe hoodies and are bringing holographic fabrics to a new level. My eyes could not keep up and as I spotted a pale blue faux fur coat and than a sequin kimono, I wanted to hug the Boohoo team for getting it so right. 

This collection is about glamour, heels were high and sparkly and even simple dresses had a fluffy feather trim to finish. I spy a clutch that says 'weekend millionaire' and know that I will literately be broke when the collection goes live on their site. Saying that you can't cry over £35 quid for a moto holographic golden biker jacket, or there £18 iridescent skirt. The men's collection is just as impressive and means that you can 'treat' your man, and 'borrow' it *cough cough hello checked tartan shirt. I also had the pleasure of making my own macrons, I say make it was more a case of filling and putting them together. I adore this collection, it's on trend but edgy and won't break the bank, well unless you need it all. 

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