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How I Wear: Double Denim

So our computer is finally up and running again, I've missed blogging so much and have a bunch of posts to share. I hope you all had a lovely Easter, our house seems to have chocolate in every cupboard which of course the kids have loved. I was seriously ill, but after weeks of being in bed and not pushing myself as hard I feel a lot better. I'm still taking it as easy were possible, but it's been great to get back into routine. I've been charity shopping again, so will share my finds as I got a fair bit. I thought I would kick this week off with an outfit as it's been great not to be wearing pjs. London's weather is a bit of a mix bag at the minute. Rather than trying to work out if I'll be reaching for a jumper, or stripping layers off. I've gone for comfortable wear, and double denim is always a go to for me. 

Primark | Spring Summer 2017 Collection

While you know I'm a thrifty charity shop gal at heart, I still struggle every now hunting down perfect pieces to add to my wardrobe. I'll put my hands up and say, of course I like a little bit of trend pieces in my wardrobe sometimes it's nice to mix it up. The thing I love about Primark is that while pieces are still trend lead, they tend to still keep a mix that whatever your style you can get on board with. If you're on the tiniest budget, you can still add a couple of must have pieces without the fear of having to eat baked beans on toast. So what offerings do Primark have for you this season, and what can you find in store now. 

How I Wear: A Bralet

While I'm feeling a lot better, after having the flu for what felt like a lifetime it left me feeling limp. My sleeping pattern has been up the wall, and so eye bags have been a daily feature. I could of photoshopped them out, but I'm human I get tried I don't see the point of pretending I'm not. Hi I'm Laura, and I haven't slept properly for over six months but now you pointed out I look tried I've transformed into a Disney princess. * sings in high pitch voice 'I have to dash I'm off to tidy with birds'. 

It feels like more and more blogs are becoming like magazines in that way. I'm all for amazing shots and great content trust me. But when people lack pores and everything is heavily photoshopped it takes away what set blogs apart. It wasn't about looking like you stepped out of a shot, it was a step into the beautiful flawed realness that we all live. 

Thrift Haul | February

Thrifting for certain items can be so rewarding, I don't get the same rush when I walk into  a high street shop and it's all laid out for me. I guess it reminds me of being little and playing dress up, rooting through my mums wardrobe to shuffle around the living room in her over sized shoes putting on a ' fashion show ' for my dolls and my much missed dog Fred. They can be hit and miss, and my days of shuffling around in shoes are long behind me. I think some people assume I go into a charity shop and just buy anything. Which couldn't be further from the truth. It's great getting that chance find, those are always a little bit of magic. But in honestly I have a clear idea about what I want, in my younger years it was the frill of the buy. Now it's the thrill of putting together pieces that make up the look I have in my mind.

I know for some the idea of shopping at a charity shop is overwhelming, where to begin. But honestly it's really simple, I have written a post with tricks and tips here for any newbies. But my main tip is, have an idea of what your really looking for. Yes chance finds are great, and if you love it buy it. But a simple ' I need a red jumper' can narrow your search, save you time and money. I thought I would start sharing my finds each month, and what I was looking for vs what I got. Sometimes it can beg hit and miss, but that's the beauty of thrifting, charity shopping and boot sales. 

How To Shop At Charity Shops Like A Pro

A lifetime again, I wrote a post on shopping at charity shops but I felt it needed a good dust off. Not that much has changed, I still love thrifting and I think with all that's going on in the world reusing is the way forward. You don't have to solo shop in them, but even buying the old pieces makes a massive impact. Your not only giving some money towards a great cause, your saving items from being thrown away. Some assume that there's no really thought that goes into charity shopping, but if you stop seeing it as a junk yard and more as a treasure hunt I promise you will find some amazing things. 

So let's jump straight into it ...

D.I.Y DAY| Girls Support Girls Bag

After jazzing up some bags, for London fashion Week ages ago. I still love a good slogan  be it on a t-shirt, bag, or sticker they are fun. These bags are so easy to make even if you suck at crafts. They can new life to an old bag, and give that extra bit of sassiest to your outfit. In light of what's been going on, I wanted a Girls Support Girls bag. But honestly it's up to you, above are a couple of other suggests. I think Inclusive AF, is going to be my next choice as it's all about love for everyone am I right, or am I right. 
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