Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Oh My Glob: What LSP Would Wear

If you have not guessed already I love Adventure Time. If you have not seen it, than click off this and google it now do it, do it. If your a fan to than you will know how awesome Lumpy Space Princess is, so I was in a silly mood and decided I would put together a 'way cute' LSP outfit. I could see her rocking some sunnies, because she's clearly thee coolest person ever and has a bit of a rock and roll vibe about her. No princess would go any where without some bling, so this candy coloured necklace is princess perfect. 

I love this sweater and the cute bag design -the chain design is on the back as well. Some Adventure Time leggings, with all the gang (Finn & Jake) on and they are stretchy so perfect for her bumps. Of course she is usually on her phone so I thought I would include a bag for her, so when she's in her 'whatever' mood she could throw it into her bag and go. I hope you like my LSP inspired outfit. What cartoon character do you love and how would you dress them?

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Katy Perry Prism Collection At Claire's

When I heard that Katy Perry was teaming up with Claire's, I thought that while it would be cool it may be a little to young for me and I would just look like a lame old person rocking around in it. Well Katy and Claire's have out done themselves, because the collection is actual a must! Firstly I was shocked by the amount there is, with necklaces, earrings, bracelets, headband and even phone cases you can embrace your inner Perry to the max.My personal fave is the 'ROAR' headband (modelled by Claire's beauty Carmen) and bracelets are going to look so amazing stacked up. Everyone went crazy for this lion necklace below, and I think it will be the first thing to sell out from the Prism collection. 

The pieces are really well priced, as Claire's has always been know for being affordable   it's great for fans. I always loved them, as a teenager who had very little money it was always my go to. I liked the note books, as even if you can't wear the jewellery there is something for you. Same with the phone cases, the 'ROAR' one is holographic and the tiger moves on it (another to add to my collection me thinks). Of course I got in on the photo booth action with and than I chatted with Lindsey, EmmaDebbie and Annie about how amazing it is. We also munched on some Katy Perry biscuits (probably as close as we will ever get to her) hope you read this Katy I won't nibble your arm in real life I promise.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Sticky9 Photo Magnet Review

As you know I am ever so slightly obsessed with Instagram, so when Sticky9 asked if I had ever heard of them (kind of, by seeing them on other peoples Instagram) and would I like a pack of their photo magnets I jumped. Corben my eldest boy is forever drawing, so the fridge is a mini gallery of his work. Which means that we need an army of magnets for our fridge, I love the idea of the magnet also being special so turning your fave photos into a cool display is the perfect idea. Plus they don't just stop at magnets, you can get a funky phone case (next on my list) or  photo tablet cover. I think these would be great to give as well, the magnets are delivered in a thin envelope, so would be easy to send to a loved one. I plan on buying some for a couple of friends who live in Australia (one of which you will spot in my magnet photos that I picked).

So is it an easy process? Yes! it could not have been easier, you just sign into your Instagram and you can pick whatever photos you want. I went for ones of the boys, my mate who lives on the other side of the world and a couple of bright fun ones. You get nine in a pack, and they just tear apart. You could always have one big photo, spilt up into nine so it's like a puzzle.  They are pretty thin so will only hold up light paper, but I'm sure if you had enough they would hold more. They came super quick and I'm really pleased with them, I'll probably buy another pack as I have so many photos that I would love to display. I think it could possible get pricey if you want to cover your whole fridge, but even one pack will brighter it up. I think it would be amazing if they also sold chunky magnets, like rather than just the tear apart one massive one (you would have to pick your photo wisely as you would be seeing it a lot ha ha).

At the moment they have gone down to £8.49 for a pack of nine photo magnets and they have free shipping wide world

Friday, 18 April 2014

What I Wore To: Claire's Press Day

Dress: Jane Norman
Necklace: Charity shop
Bag: Just Fab via the voucher codes swap shop
Floral crown: D.I.Y by me (how to here )
Choker: EBay

Firstly thank you so much to Lindsey from Ropes of Holland, who was kind enough to take these for me. I really love this outfit, as I don't often wear dresses without tights so it's a refreshing change. This dress is by Jane Norman, but I actual got it for a mere £2 something from a Sue Ryder shop brand new. I have been lucky that my charity shop has kindly be given old stock from well know brands, so I've been buying them up (only things I would wear of course). I had to cut the tassel's at the bottom of this kimono, as they were looped and I kept getting caught on things and people. But I really do adore it and think it will be falling apart by the end of summer, after being loved to death. I finally wore my D.I.Y crown, it's really pretty but next time I need to seal off the ends as they dug in my scalp (always fun).

I really enjoyed the Claire's event, and will be posting all about the Katy Perry Prim collection next week. Thank you for all your lovely comments, I have been doing much better. I'm still in pain but sleeping during the night now. My son got into his first choice of school, and I'm starting to feel a lot of the stress lifting away. I think when you have so much going on, trying to get everything done your brain just turns into sponge and you  can't stop soaking every little thing up. This definitely effects my brain and I just can't sleep, so once I get back into a couple of nights sleep I think my brain gives in ha ha. Hope your all having a lovely Easter, as my clothing is already getting tight I'm trying to resist all the chocolate in the house. 

Thursday, 17 April 2014

River Island Mini Clothing Launch : Willy Wonka's Easter Party

River Island kindly invited me, Barry and our boys to their Willy Wonka Easter party to celebrate the launch of the brand new River Island Mini, a 'mini me' range for 0 months -3 years. The 100 piece range is just beyond cute not to mention cool, last year at the their Halloween party I was gutted to find out they didn't have one. I'm so happy that it's finally here so that Logan (who's two) can look extra groovy like his older brother Corben (who's four). The first collection that launches from Mayin selected stores and online, it's a pastel power story for girls and castaway look for boys, the price ranging is from £6-20 which I think it perfect for keeping your little one looking the bees knees but not breaking the bank.

The party was amazing, the kids got stuck into designing their own t-shirts while Mr Wonka make them lolly balloons that they used to capture each other in. I felt right at home sitting on the toadstools, helping Logan stick a bow tie to his top. We all enjoyed the pinterest worthy spread of sandwiches, lemonade and sweeties. There was party games before going on a massive easter egg hunt, the River Island team didn't know what hit them as Barry got so in to it he beat the team at the end ha ha Go Baz! They also got a massive easter egg each with their names on it, I was so gobsmacked and think that the RI team did an amazing job. It's safe to say that I think us adults were more into it at the end than the kids ha ha. 

The boys got to pick some River Island goodies, Corben got some awesome Batman gloves and a tee amongst other things. The boys collections are super cool, the new trend for spring summer is Skater Boi. Which Corben really liked, and is something I would feel comfortable for him to play in. I do like the tailored pieces, but I would say more for the older boys. When they are little, they tend to trash things so relaxed tees and shorts are my go to but the odd shirt does look great on smart occasions. Corben has just started getting into snap backs, and I love high tops on him and his a bit of a Marvel nutter like me and Baz which they have heaps of. There is also Malibu days which features summer brights and sun bleached tones, and Beverly Hills think dapper chap and preppy and sharp tailoring.

The girls collection is just so ridiculously cute! When another kid from the party, showed a dress she had picked and these cute sequin wedges to the RI team my face crumbled. I think it's the Sugar coated trend that I would buy if I had a girl, the dresses were prom like and I would throw them on with some little high tops for sure (my little grunge princess). There's also Tropical Skater Girl which has cute smock dresses and neon beanies, and Cali Girls Rock which is more casual bohemian with a rock edge. The kids wear range is from ages 3-12 years. We had an amazing time, and I love seeing the boys get creative. It's so great when one of your favourite high street stores, can kit out the whole family. I may have to buy one of the monkeys from the new mini range for myself (bad mummy I know). What do you think, are you excited fro the Mini's range? 

Monday, 14 April 2014

How I Wear: A Kimono & Jeans

Strappy Top: Charity shop
Jeans: Topshop
Rings: Primark , Sliver chunky ring (gift)
Necklace: Old
Bead Bracelet: Gift

Really excited for this week, I have a couple of press days and some family days to look forward to. I'm trying to get out in the sun this week, as my pain is back so painkillers are my best friends again. I am on a mission to enjoy this Easter, so my outfits are going to be throw and go this week. I wore my fit flops again today, as I took Logan to the shops than to the park. They are prefect for chasing him around in. I dug out my kimono as it's just the right weather for it, I think I need to invest in a couple more possible shorter ones. There's still a little chill in the air so I'm wearing my jeans, I think once it really heats up I'll get my legs out. As I learned last week it's still a little early,  I'm awful I really feel the cold sadly. 

On a non fashion note I am dying to buy a Playstation 4, I keep seeing new games for it  *cough Outlast *cough cough Daylight and it makes me want to cry and hug my PS3. Don't get me wrong I love my PS3 me and Corben having been playing Little Big Planet (old but still a classic) and when it's grown up time and the kids are in bed. Than Call of Duty, Bioshock and Grand theft Auto are usually what I like to play. I think when your stuck in more your needs tend to change, so I tend to buy less shoes and more games, books and DVDs. At the moment I'm buying nada, as any money I do have I'll be treating the kids with. Still sunshine is free, and I'm loving it! Maybe I can start a PS4 jar, slow and steady wins the race .. ish. Are you a gamer? Anything you love to play or can not wait to buy?

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