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The New Valentines

Faith Natural 'kiss' trainers* from Debenhams    
Once upon a time, valentines use to feel like thee most depressing day of the year. That if you were single, you were doomed and even if you were in a couple if you weren't drowning in a mass of chocolate, flowers and locking lips non stop you were doing it wrong. It kind of sucked the joy from the day, and I think put most people off celebrating it all together. 

Baz and I have been together 15 years, and we have never been massive on it. We would exchange ideas on things we liked, and never went crazy on gifting. One special present,  and a home cooked meal have made treasured memories. Like the time I blow out candles, and blow wax on Baz and burned him. Or going to noodle time in greenwich, and almost eating my hair. But weather your with anyone or not, valentines has had a makeover. I love that now Valentines is becoming less about couples, and seeing more people go out and celebrate their friendships or treat themselves is the way forward. So if you haven't treated yourself this year, then now is the perfect time to give yourself some love and go for it. You don't and shouldn't feel bad, being on your own is better then being with someone who isn't right for you.

My rainbow  Skinnydip clutch that Baz got me, my rainbow Nasty Gal top I treated myself to last month.

If you are loved up, then enjoy it. Yes we have all year to love someone, but Valteines can give you that little reminder to maybe just do something a little more. It doesn't have to be something major, often I think just having some real time together with good food, a relaxed atmosphere can be the one. 

Baz and I had decided to no gifts, but we both broke it and picked each other a little something up. I usually surprise him, but this year he surprised me first and I'd had a rough week it was lovely. Yep we didn't wait till the day, but we both needed a little pick me up. We are going to do a simple popcorn and movie night, as were both a bit under the weather for a proper date night. It's freezing here in London at the mo. Also my boys have informed me,  that it's also there Valentines days too so they will make me cards if I pick them up some chocolates. Honestly I had to try not to laugh, but they better be some nice cards, if they are getting a box each they already had the bath bombs I had treated the too. Still I'm thankful that they want to get involved.  

So whatever you decided to do this Valentines, I hope you have a fun one. I have some great memories of hosting  movie nights with my girls, and we would watch all the sloppy rom coms slag they off for being completely unrealistic and eat pizza. Making  my mum cards, eating half her chocolates and buying a plastic rose when I was a kid. And the first Valentines card I ever wrote, which was to my dog Fred because I hated everyone and I was only six. What are you up to this Valentines? 

What Does Girl Power Really Mean, & Are We Doing It Right

Girl power, GRL PWR, Feminist, Girl boss ... Do these words hold any value or have they just become a trendy status to slap on a t-shirt for brands to profit. Not that you would swing a cat, but if you could swing a plush cat .. that's better right a stuffed cat you would hit one of these buzz words scrolled across somewhere or someone. Do I like them, well yes and no. I want to believe they have a real meaning, but as time goes on I'm not sure anymore.

I mean what does girl power even mean anymore, I still have fresh memories, of being a teenager back in the 90s and arguing with friends who was what Spice Girl. I was Geri naturally -Looking back now, I realise this meant being a loud mouth, utterly bossy and entitled, but I loved her seemly unapologetic vibes. Girl power then was more to do with dressing how you want, but acting like a lad. It was all a little confusing and the word feminist seemed to be an outdated term, that the kick ass girls drinking pints didn't relate too. While I thought it was cool that girls weren't pretending not to fart or burp, it was still making us act in a certain way to be taken seriously and have our voices heard. It just reduced everything down to a joke. My questions now  are we really empowering each other anymore now, or is feminism still completely misunderstood. Is it really helping, or has the movement been overshadowed by peoples personal agenda of what they want it to mean. 

Makeup Revolution Bleeding Heart Baked Highlighter Review

As you may know, I'm a massive fan of Makeup Revolutions baked highlighters. Sadly my Goddess of love highlighter is dying, but she's given my face life on days I've looked like an extra for the walking dead. It's great on my dry skin, it's buildable and more importantly it's affordable. Also the packaging is just everything, I never get tried of picking up my heart shaped box. They have a wide selection of tones, to make anyones cheekbones pop. So tell your friends to grab their shades because there is a nice heart in town.

While I love Godless of love, that doesn't automatically mean Bleeding heart would be a fave. This highlighter has a pink tone, which for my pale skin I wasn't sure would work. I love the gold running through but again was unsure if on the skin it would pick up and look as good. I've been using a cool toned highlighter for so long, I think it's easy to get use to the same product and so after a while you don't even notice it. I'm not massive of having highlight that reflects the sun, but it's nice to have that option.

Building A Budget Friendly Palette | Makeup Obsession London Palette Review

New Year, new you right *goes to check bank balance. Okay maybe not. January seems to be forever and it's left us all a little light in the pocket. But sadly if you love makeup it's a fact we all face that around this time is the dreaded day. Yes the one where is expires, and you start to question how long you can keep it before you end up with a krusty eye. You purchased it in 2017 before everything went to hell, and you know what it got you through some tough times. Now it's time to say goodbye, I know it hurts trust me we have all been there but that not so winged liner and chalky won't even leave the pan shadow is not worth a visit to the doctors. Thank it for the great times, and get rid.

I seem to have run out of everything just after Christmas, so knew I was going to have to invest in some new products. I'd seen Makeup obsession London over on Instagram, and after seeing their customers wearing some gorgeous looks I thought I would check it out. I was really shocked to find you could purchase a pan for £2. But is the range worth buying, or are you better saving your money. 

BooHoo Spring Summer Collection 2018

I love high street fashion, and when I'm not thrifting I usually shop my old high street haunts.  Boohoo has always been in my wardrobe, they are affordable and they always do something a little more out there then a lot of the other high street brands. I have a sequin mermaid jacket from last year, which I will be breaking out again this summer. Every year I buy at least one dress from them, it's almost like a tradition- It's a fact if you have a girls night out, you are properly scrolling though their site and having to narrow it down to two out of the seven dress you have in your basket. They have always been a good allrounder. They have a wide range of products, so it's easy to shop all in one place. 

January Favourites

This month has gone on forever, maybe it's because of lack of funds it felt that bit longer. But I'm looking forward to February, and moving a little closer towards Spring  and seeing the sun a little more. Saying that january is always a busy month for me, I have my sons birthday, my mums, my birthday and we always remember Barrys dad on his birthday. So it can be a bit of an emotional one. 

Logan and I planted some daffodils last summer, and we were so disappointed that they didn't bloom as we were too late- as they are more of a spring plant. But this morning we spotted the tops of them, poking out through the soil. It made me smile, as this month hasn't been easy. If those little guys can survive the cold and wind, push there way through all that dirt then I can do the same. Push on and do my best to push myself to grow. Still I'm trying to pluck out the positives and all that jazz, and I do feel that I've had a productive month. I've managed to clear out a heap of stuff to the charity shop, and sell a couple of bits so my hoard is on it's less legs and I'm sure I will push myself even more come February. I thought I would start doing my favourites every month, something that I can stick too also it's nice to reflect.