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D.I.Y Day| Christmas Stag Head

So I'd seen a lot of posts for this D.I.Y, but I wanted something cheap that was easy to make and up-cycled things I already had. I wanted mine to be a little tacky, to fit it with my kitsch Christmas tree but you can make yours however you want to. Changing up the paper, adding a different coloured pom pom to make it your own. You don't even need a temple, just seeing how it fits together you can easily make your own. Have a look at this post, as this is where I got the idea to free hand my temple. If you really can't draw one out, than fear not there's a temple here. 

You Will Need:

Cardboard - I used two Beer boxes
Newspaper- To make your temple on
Wallpaper- I used samples that I picked up from my local D.I.Y store
Glue - I picked mine ( UHU ) up from Poundland in the tools section. 
Scissors - Use a strong pair, as you will need to cut card. If you have a craft knife use that as it will be far easier. 
Optional - Goggle eyes, sequins, yarn and a pom pom maker also picked up at pound stores. You could try a dollar store or craft shop. I mounted mine on an old wreath which was from a pound shop. 

Ways I Cope With Body Dysmorphic Disorder

So you may remember this post I wrote ages ago about my BDD (Body dysmorphic disorder), as it's been so long I thought I would write something that maybe helps others with BDD in ways to cope on a day to day basis. I'm not perfect I still have really bad days, were I feel like being psychical sick because I just don't look right and I just feel like a disgusting mess. It happens and you have to except that it's never going to magical go. 

So rather than waste time, waiting for a miracle that someone will invent a laser that shoots you in the brain and your BDD is cured. Let's talk about things you can do to help yourself, and make life easier on you and those around you- Because I hope they want to help you too. No body is perfect, and guess what you don't have to be. BDD wants you to believe that you have no power, it wants you to believe your not good enough. It's lying to you every second of every day, and when you start to make small changes you can fight BDD. This is not about medication by the way, I think that's too personal and it's an individuals choice. All I would say is if your doctor is offering meds, to read up about them and were possible talk to others who are taking the same meds. Knowledge is power, and it's important to know exactly what your being offered. These are things I guess to give you a routine, dealing with it daily. 

How I Wear: Zebra Print

As you know I love a print, but sometimes I feel clueless of how I want to wear it. What I see in my head working, doesn't always happen in reality. But over the years I've worked out where I like to wear print, and what doesn't work on me. I've always loved a bit of zebra print, and after seeing some of my favourite bloggers rocking it I felt it was time to put aside my doubts and get it on my body.  I was thinking about getting a coat, but thought as I've got a heap a skirt would be more practical and wearable. 

Next Christmas 2016 Press Day

Christmas this years seems to have come out of nowhere, like a beautiful jolly slap to the face. This year hasn't been the best, so when someone says 'hey want to see a new collection' I'm on it quicker than a cat on the Christmas tree. Emma and I jumped on the tube, excited to see how they were styling this seasons trends. Next have come a long way over the years, once more of a brand classic that all the cool mums shopped in. It's taking more risks when it comes to collections. While there is inspiration taking from the catwalk walks, I can't help but feel they've also been looking more at street style and how over the years their customers are wanting a bit more sass in their lives. 

Adulting Is Hard

I'm slowly finding routine again, for a while I felt like I couldn't write. I hated all my photos and everything just seemed like a chore. While my depression has been better, my energy levels were at a all time low and every fibre in me ached. Than half term rolled around, and I had no choice. I don't lie to the boys, they know if mummy isn't feeling well or mummy is a bit down. At the same time hearing things like 'I'll look after you mummy' is pretty soul destroying.  No you won't, because instead were going to craft or go to the park, or pick up new books from the library. My inner mum voice that's usually stressing over the piles of washing I need to sort, gets upset and convinces me that I now have all this energy and were gonna have some fun if it kills me. 

I'm not magical cured, trust me I comfort eat, break apart the dimensions of my being bit by bit till I feel like whats the point of anything while crying into my tea. This is something I do keep to myself, my irrational side -the side that goes from thinking about hat I need to do to five hours into googling all the worlds horrors. I've managed to keep that on lock down, but when the boys are around I tend to see things more logical. My boys tend to give my brain a shake, like get it together your the adult here and they look up to you for to find their way in the world. My other half was also off work due to hurting his back fun times, so we embraced it as a family. Not his back, obviously but that we were all together and that this week could be all chores and boredom. Or real time to be together. 

Street Style| LFW September 2016

I know, I know London Fashion Week was ages again, but as everyone and their cat was blogging about it. I thought I would leave it a little while, before sharing my street style snaps this season. I was going to do the whole week, apply for shows and run myself ragged as last season I had the viral plague and didn't even manage a day. But than I thought about the last time I was rushing around, and as amazing as it was to see designers and their insane collections. I just couldn't face the exhaustion, that goes hand in hand with the week. Instead I didn't apply for anything and decided that rather than working, I would go for one day and enjoy it. 

Films To Watch This Halloween

So this year Halloween has taken a bit of a back seat, don't get me wrong we have up all our Halloween decorations and the kids have masks and plenty of sweets. But I just wanted to relax this year, so pass me some popcorn and a hot chocolate and lets do this. As a massive movie buff, my friends offend ask me for film advice be it scary or something that's a little more family friendly. So whoever your spending your Halloween with, here's my list of great ones to watch this Halloween. I would say watch Suicide Squad as it was such a great film, but sadly it's not out to buy yet. I decided to put on a little makeup anyway, and was really inspired by El Diablo in SS, mixed with pumpkin vibes. Anyway Happy Halloween. 

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